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Thread: Horns of recalling

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    Horns of recalling

    I keep getting those horns (after killing monsters etc.) but I canít find them anywhere in my inventory. How do I know how many horns I have?

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    I was there. There is a button that says: ďget hornsĒ. When I press, it says I have only 4 horn packages (each containing 10 horns, so 40 horns in total). I see in my inventory those horn packages, but what about individual horns? I killed thousands of boss monsters and got thousands of individual horns. Where are they?
    When a player kills a monster and gets an individual horn (not horn packages), where does it show?

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    I was wondering this too, after I was given the horn as a reward I didn't use it, venge io until now I want to find it to use it but I can't smash karts

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    There are 3 dots on the bottom right of the screen above your alliance button. Click that. This will bring up a menu where you can access things like ITEMS, Generals, and this forum.... Click on ITEMS. Then click on the tab to far right, ALL, it will show you everything!! Another way to access you items is to click on your FORGE then click items etc.
    Hope this helps!!

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