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Thread: Lost troops in SvS

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    Lost troops in SvS

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    Hi, I lost about 900000 t13 in SvS. I've checked my holy place, hospital and trap factory. They are all empty. What is the process for getting them back?

    thank you.

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    I opened a ticket in-game and the response I received was about losing traps in battlefields. They obviously didn't read my message very well. Can anyone tell me how I get their attention? They don't seem to be reading here either.

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    Is anyone from Evony active on these forums?

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    Did you ever get a fix fir this? This just happened to me I lost over 200k t13 ground and 500k t12 ground as well as t13 cav
    I just qualified for all stars and this really screws me up......

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    No I didn’t. It looks like they only have 1 support person who actually helps people, and he has been away for about 3 weeks. I’m hoping he comes back soon. I’ve kept screenshots of my before and after and I have a spreadsheet with the RSS cost ready to show him.

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    It really screwed me over I had to use all my food rss to train back some of my layers for all stars

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    Hope they have a fix for this i still haven’t gotten a response from customer service either…….

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    Here are the details of the troops missing and the replacement cost.

    485752 T13 Archers
    254539 T13 Cavalry
    32892 T 13 Seige

    Replacement cost:
    2238.8M Food
    5291.2M Lumber
    1812.5M Stone
    2419.8M Ore
    627.5 Days speed ups.

    To buy those resources it would cost approximately $1500.

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    In hindsight, I'm glad this happened. Since then I stopped spending money on the game and the process of calculating the cost of the lost troops helped me to see just how stupid it is to spend any money on the game at all. Good luck, guy.

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    Still waiting for a fix this has become a real issue especially when there was a tournament going on and I was in that tournament… I’m with you getting real fed up with the lack of care this game has for its players

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