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Thread: Can't receive my resources and other stuff

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    Can't receive my resources and other stuff

    I don't if it's a bug or not , but every time that I receive a gif of connexion , or I go to bring resources in the boxes , or even Spartacus bring me resources, I can't find them anywhere. Why ? For example, today for my seventh connection into the game , I receive 1000 gems, where are they ? I'm still with my 14 gems . How can I develop my kingdom if my resources don't grow up when I get them ? You can help me with that please?

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    It could be bad internet connection. If so, then for gift, you should see gift not yet collected so collect again. As for resources (Spartacus), rebut and enter game again and check again. As for resources in boxes, it should be added to inventory (not warehouse), did you check inventory?
    It could be a bug. If problem still persists then maybe you should contact developers to fix bug. (Address below)

    (Contact developers:
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    I'm new two game and I'm having a similar problem. I purchased a second builder for 300 gems but I can't find him anywhere. I thought I could possibly build two simultaneous upgrades but that didn't work. Does anyone have any idea where I should go find him? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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