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Thread: Recruited Generals

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    Recruited Generals

    Seeking an answer here. Can anyone tell me why several of my recruited generals have a number behind their name (a 1 or 2) and what it means?

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    It means you have that many generals with that name. If it says Victor 1 and you dismiss 1 it should just read Victor after

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    I also want to know why several of my recruited generals have a number behind their names and I am glad I have found your post. Thanks to you Skylar Dawn for helping me out. I am new to this game. Once, I want to know that is Edubirdie legit and whether it is safe to use or not! I have found my answer on this link. I have also found a link to this game and I was getting so bored at that time, so I installed this game. Now, I really love this game and I do play this every day. One of my friends shared this website link with me and told me that over here I will find all my questions answers and now I know that he was actually right.

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    Well, sorry but I didn't know much about it, I will ask my friends about it. By the way, I am looking for a business strategy consultant do you know any best one, If anyone helps me with it I will be very grateful. I hope I will find it soon.

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