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Thread: Game freezing

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    Game freezing

    Hi,i have a freeze problem with the game,everytime when i open the game,is working a bit slowly,is freezing when i want to open inventory,when i try to put a fast bubble and many other things.
    I lost some troops because of this freeze problem,i sent many tickets,after i sent the pictures to them,they didnt answer back.
    I reinstalled the game many times,made space on my phone,cache,i reseted the phone and i still have the same problem,and my phone is Samsung Galaxy A21S,it should work good in the game...i hope someone can help me here

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    Before going deeper into latency issues, make sure your device meets the game's minimal hardware compatibility. Computer games have specified system requirements, which are generally supplied by the game's creator. Another major check you should perform before becoming too concerned about why your game is slowing or freezing is to ensure that your software is up to date. And after you check the game requirements, please check also this guide on How to Brawl like a Pro in Brawl Stars or visit https://www.topmobileappdevelopmentc.../mobile-games/ for free games.

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    Game was working fine this morning now any large amount of graphics locks up the game

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