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Thread: Stamina Package

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    Stamina Package

    Can there be more options to buy a lot Stamina? Whether its through real money or gems? Maybe even the Black Market. It's very easy to burn through and sometimes I just dont want the other items.

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    R4/R5 package- include stamina

    I agree. I gave a very active alliance, and we need more options for Stamina. As R4, many ask that we gift stamina in order for them to keep playing. Can we maybe have an R4/R5 package that includes stamina as well as Adv Royal Waybills and gems in denominations of 100s?

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    I agree that with the Monarch Competition requiring a lot of killing of vikings, Hydras, Garudas, Monster Comp, Super Boss - oh yeah and thats just weekdays - stamina and heal-ups would allow all players of an alliance to assist the bigger players and allow them to heal up from SVS and not burn out as quickly? Stamina has become more frequently awarded on the wheel of fortune *which is super appreciated and maybe Patrol could also offer stamina lots of 25,50 and 100 - depending on your keep size or vip level. This way we would play longer and enjoy the game much more and still coin for svs and pvp healing.

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