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Thread: Losses and unstable server

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    Losses and unstable server

    Hello everyone! I chose this forum because I hope my message will be seen because I'm tired of sending tickets. I have been spending my time and money on this game for almost 2,5 years, during which time the CS. keep lying to us that they will do their best to stabilize the server and create a version that we can all enjoy. Lately we have had losses of resources, troops, speeds and the source of life due to some lag, the same lag as always, you all know them. I was never compensated. CS. he always asks me for evidence and then everything is lost, CS no longer answers. I played on 2 servers all this time and I spent a lot of money but now I have decided to give up this game for good. I am convinced that evony will lose many players because the evony world is very angry.
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    I have also lost more than half of my troops whom i spent several hours to train ! I lost upto 24k troops ! And its frustrating !

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    After the update of nov 6th I encountered unstability on my account: server 845, Zeus’s Spot (ally HOE). But now I notice that my accelerater boxes are hacked as well. Please check my account. My last accelerater boxes are getting minimal.
    Very demotivating to keep investing as VIP9….

    Good luck.
    Leo (Zeus ‘s Spot)

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    Desde el día de ayer fui a Boc no pude recuperarme de la batalla y lo pero es que se me consumió mis recursos y para completar no puedo enviar marchas

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