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Thread: RECOVERING LOST money and account

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    RECOVERING LOST money and account

    I created an account for my wife so she could play alongside me, and then lost access to the account... I could not recover ANY of the account at all... I spent money on the account and then could not get back in to it... account is MadDozer, monarch ID 77123514. I am ok with that, I created another account for her and she is fine with that one... what I WOULD like is to have the stuff I bought given to me at this other account... i spent $0.99 and then $4.99 on that account, and i can provide receipts if needed. I tried putting in tickets to have help through the game, and a lot of other things I have tried to do to resolve this but have not received an answer in a week... I would like the stuff placed on my replacement account, Michin Salam, Monarch ID 69007605... as the other account is now completely gone and there is no way to retrieve it. I have tried everything to get it back. Please let me know what I can do to provide further evidence.

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    Hi Iím purger.AR12 I need a help I canít sign in to my account please help me

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    Any evidence you need let me know I can support you with the last payments and anything else thank you very much please try and help me as soon as possible because my bubble it will drop down my alliance is WCL anp is 253 my ID 39726750
    Thank you

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    Dear sir I want to buy a package of 99$ but I have arranged 30 $ please guide me it is possible that you give me this package in 70% discount. If yes how I get this or where I send money for that package. Extra 30000% return .headline of the package

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    My alliance name is A12 server 497.if you give me in 30$ I convinced more 25-30 friends to avail this offer secretly and made a strong alliance.

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    Hi All,

    I have purchased package of 499 and the amount has been deducted for the same but I haven't received any package yet so kindly solve this issue as soon as possible. Kindly find the attachment of amount deduction from my account.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Hi I too paid for 2 £9.99 and 1£4.99 with the x2 but never received the gems from 2 of the packages. Im also trying to contact developers but no communication has come back

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