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Thread: Account lost with K30

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    Account lost with K30

    I opened Ticket 272218 on November 17th, in other words, it's been 05 days since I've been begging for information, but nobody answers me

    I lost access to my account, after spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, this is very sad

    Lost account: 46754897
    Server: 303

    I read here that a new account needs to be created in order for the old one to be linked.

    I created the ID: 65292752 (Alt Pepe k30)

    In ticket 272218, I attached the receipts of several purchases via Apple, if necessary, send again.

    Can someone help me?


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    Honestly, I don't know what else to do ...

    Ticket 272218 is already open for more than 8 days, Leo Ireneo was taking care of him and he never answered me again.

    I opened this post here on the forum 3 days ago, nobody answers me. I see other posts that were opened yesterday and have already been answered, I think the problem is me looool

    Yesterday, in despair before the next SvS arrived and I lost everything, I opened another ticket, number 279546. Conrado started to answer me, the first answer is quick, but then there is total silence.

    I doubt if this answer that goes to really works.

    It's been over 10 days since I lost my account control, it can't be that hard to recover ... please, can someone help me?


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    The account was recovered through support via Facebook.


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    What’s the direct Facebook page you used ?
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    My dear player. If your account has been linked to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game centre in iOS), you can restore your old account in the following ways:

    1. Create a new account;
    2. Go to Setting->Account->Swtich Account;
    3. Select Facebook or Google Play that your previous account has been linked to;

    If you don't link your account to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game Centre), please do as follows:

    1. Send us screenshots of invoice if you ever bought items in Envoy;
    2. Create another new account on the same server;
    3. Connect the new account to Facebook or Google Play (Apple Game Centre on iOS)
    4. After we check it, you can log in with your old account automatically.

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTAH*7 View Post
    What’s the direct Facebook page you used ?[/url]

    via messenger on facebook

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