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Thread: Evony wont load

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    Agree with this. No common denominator, location, server etc.

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    Just my luck... I chose to go in full and then game crashes... I bet they will close it 😅😂😂😂

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    Quindi sappiamo che nn problema nostro di wifi o altro punto se siamo tt i server bloccati e quando sbloccano

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    Anyone from my server here? I cant reach anyone...

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    I cannot access. Down for over an hour. What is happening please?

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    Well... If they answer at somepoint i know what i do next time i get bored on game... I will look who has made the next game

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    Idem xk nn si fa cos almeno avvisare o dire qualcosa

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    Qualcuno del server 386 ci sta... collegato?

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    Says that the server is under maintenance and will be up again in 1hr 03 mins

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    I hope so ... I have to sleep

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    Under maintenance is code for stuffed. One hour is too long for any with no bubble. My server is on KE. Lucky my bubble is still got a day or so.

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