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Thread: Evony wonít load

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    Evony wonít load

    Evony wonít load. Stuck on checking for updates. Ios14.1 on iPhone 7. I guess I will now get hit and lose everything as my bubble will be lost shortly.

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    Yupp, I was right in the middle of playing then lost connectivity and wonít allow me back in!

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    Same here dropped out mid game. Restarted but it hangs on checking for updates. Tried hard restart on phone but no avail.

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    Again not starting. cheking updates. It left few minutes trust agreement....

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    Same for me - been like this for past 20mins

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    Developers, dont you read here? Tell us what happen?

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    I was about two seconds away from deleting and reinstalling before I realised itís most likely a server issue. Hopefully theyíll give us a reply.

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    Same here, since 30 min. Stuck in update.
    Radatz Server 267

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    I have no idea what server Iím on 376 maybe. Iím in Australia though. Any of you the same? If not itís almost certainly at their end.

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    The strange thing is that there is no reply from TG?!?!

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    Both of my accounts won't load :'(
    I am from server 250.
    Please help!!!!!!

    My city names are:
    Meowbites, and
    Meow Wall
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    I am having the same issue (server 350)

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