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Thread: Lost account

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    I can't get into my account I don't know what to do can you please help me with this I got to much time and money to lose my account this way thanks

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    Hello Guys and Gals.
    I created a Secondary Account. No matter how I link them or Unlink them; I can not switch between the two. Only my Main Account will log in. I need to be able to switch to my Secondary.
    Main Account ID: 64268955
    Secondary Acc ID: 77373673
    Thank you for all your help and support.

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    Hello! Can you help me please? This is my new account ID77519777 on server 419 can I change this one on my old ID 71070588 on server 419. Because of my phone lag- its unliked yesterday by mistake. The ID 77519777 linked now to Facebook. Please help me, because I was mailed to Developers, in Facebook and ..... thank you for help!

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    I have an alliance member who has lost there account. What do I do?

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    Hi I need help relinking my account. I had device issues and now I can't seem to log into it. What can I do now? I don't want to create a new account.

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    Ti đ mất quyền truy cập vo ti khoản của mnh.
    Ti khoản l:
    Tn người dng: 🔱Vn✔
    ID quốc vương: 51171230
    My chủ: 335

    Cảm ơn,
    Trn trọng.

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    Ti đ hủy lin kết tr chơi của mnh, c thể gip ti tm lại ti khoản khng

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    I lost my acc:
    Username: DG_Casper
    Server: 426
    ID monarch: 68190356
    It was linked with google ID Ralukb

    Please help me recover.


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    I want to add that i tryed to swich accounts and didn t work...

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    Perdi minha conta
    Servidor 610
    Gostaria de recuper-la

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    I Lost my acc
    User Name : KeyDominico
    Server 669

    Id :112372722
    Please help me recover

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    Bisakah evony mengembalikan akun saya yang sempat unlink
    ID 75569037
    Nama monarch : kang m@z
    Server 462
    Aliansi : The dream Team (TdT)
    Saya sementara menggunakan alt Account ID 127859587
    Saat ini saya berganti gadget dari IOS ke Android. Mohon dibantu dikembalikan ke google play :

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    Ive lost access to my account too. Is it possible to restore it? Ive been working on it for 8 months. Today Ive heard ma y people had problems with it. But they finally could enter. I couldnt yet.
    I have 2 accounts. Ive lost acceso to my principal account and im now conected with my alt. Somebody could help me please?

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