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Thread: Lost my account

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    Lost my account

    Please I lost my account my ID 24849412
    Level 26
    Can it be recovered in anyway please
    Server 131

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    Dear, your account 24849412 ⚔️Shoko is linking to a Game Center account. ID G:655175335 . You could try to switch account first.

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    Dont get please make me understand

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    The main owner gave me the account one certain time before he left he gave it to me with the account details I lost my old phone and I bought a new one last month so I started a new game in another using the name Atiku so I remembered that I once had an account in 131 and I needed it back because the game is actually hard without money 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 Help me out

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    My new ID: 28662164
    Please help and I will be grateful

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    Dear, both the account 24849412 and 28662164 are linking to Google account. And normally we don't allow account giving or selling. And we could not help you to get access to 24849412 unless you prove you are the owner of this account.

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