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Thread: Equipment issues

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    Equipment issues

    I have issues with multiple items, most of them yellow. I can not progress my general properly and lost alot of currency.
    That happens after I tried to refine or upgrade a star on them. After that the Items is completely bugged/broken if it is NOT EQUIPED

    I am not able to:

    -Equip the item
    -Refine the item
    -Not even disassamble the item

    However, if I try to upgrade/refine the item while my general equipped it, it will also bug out and DISSAPPEAR once I uneqip it. It is nowhere in my inventory (yes I checked ALL tabs).

    I contacted support. No satisfying answer after I showed the video.

    Please fix it as soon as possible or find a way to compensate the players. It's very frustrating to spent huge amounts of currency/time into a yellow item just to have it brick....
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    I am having the same problem. User name Empr. Kinmei server 326 id number 49920180

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