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Thread: Lost Account

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    Lost Account


    I had to restart the game and, now my mobile only allows me to start a old account that I don't use anymore. I cannot login into my real account.
    The account that I want to recover:
    Name: VanR
    ID: 36984674
    Alliance: DB1

    The ID that I'm using right now: 36678275

    How can I link it back so I no need start again my game?

    Thank you very much.
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    lost my account please help get it back
    Id: 45774302
    Stofdenial GFC SERVER 262
    I did not login in any email account;(

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    Dear, I have helped you to relink the account. Please kindly log in and have a check.

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    Én is elvesztettem a fiókom
    Server 236
    Id 37257921
    Hamarosan kill event nem vagyok védve.

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