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Thread: No building appears

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    No building appears

    Hi admin,

    My ID: 35637525
    Name: アワ
    Server: 226
    I wonder if you could assist me with a problem that have occurred since this morning. My map and field are totally normally functioning. However, inside the castle, no building or manufacturing places appear at all. I cannot train troops or recover the wounded, upgrade the building, etc.
    Please kindly help me fix this. Thank you very much!

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    Hi. I've contacted help from the Facebook page. I was told to try to reinstall the game. I did and now I've lost my old account. Is there any way to restore my previous one?
    I've spent quite some money on that account. Please reply soon. Thank you.

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    Dear, we found your account 35637525 is linked to a Google Play account. You could try to switch the account in the following step: Setting-Account-Switch Account-Google. To check whether you could enter your old account. Thank you.

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    Thank you for your help. You also manage the Facebook page, right?
    Following those steps, I've come back to my old account.

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