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Thread: Improve CS

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    Improve CS

    Improving the customer service in this glitchy game is a good place to start with improvements. I have been waiting I over a month on some tickets. Was offered (not enough) rss and gems and sold as compensation a week ago- but still do not have them. The only response from CS is “please be patient”. A MONTH. With as many glitches as players have to put up with, the least we could have is decent customer service to go with it.

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    Dear, could you please kindly provide your account ID? I will submit it to our CS team and have a check. Thank you.

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    I have uninstalled this game and reinstalled it
    but I still can't log in to my account in Ms. M's name

    256 server
    the name of Ms M's castle
    level 20
    Garuda alliance
    ID number 40315201

    Please help
    at this time the kill event
    and my shield is almost gone

    thank you

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