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Thread: Another Racist Post in Server 18

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    Another Racist Post in Server 18

    Fatalititty with gameid 11325059 has been posting a racist remark about shooting black people . Although he say he shoot black people in COD(i presume call of duty), it is still uncomfortable to me.

    I give him a chance to apologize but he refuse.

    The racist sentence is "you've has a **** for yb since he summoned me to go shoot black ppl on cod with him "

    This is related to the earlier YB case . Please give a more serious punishment than a 3 day mute to show that evony does not allow racist remarks.

    This is the 2nd time for this server. Evony , please do something serious about it.

    Attached are the screenshots

    Mr James : I could not seem to upload any screenshots in evony itself and i only have one account. Please help to send the screenshots and case to evony on my behalf. Thanks !

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    This is so bad. Although me not a black, but the words is so bad. How could there be such person in this world ?

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    yep not good.....should be banned for life
    This is just a game we are need for that
    ash xx

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