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    I do enjoy the game but I do find things I really donít agree with.
    1- amount of time to upgrade buildings. When you are upgrading your keep and it takes 100 + days.
    2- I feel your resources in your city should upgrade for no time when you upgrade your keep.
    3- the amount of 💎 for truce agreements are outrageous ex the 7 day.
    Clash of kings has the same setup but makes it easier to upgrade and play.
    4- defense of the city is crap and you are always losing everything you worked for when others teleport in tag team on you, put up a shield and teleport out. I feel if they attack there should be a timer before the shield can start and them teleport out.
    5- dragon and beast exp points are way too much.

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    Dear, thank you for your feedback. We will submit it to our relevant department. Enjoy!

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    the game wan us to spent money else how do they survice

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    I couldn’t agree with mich17745 more. The whole teleporting thing is ridiculous. You shouldn’t be allowed to attack right after you teleport. I will not be spending more money on this game. The game is really fun but pointless when some high-powered player can teleport right next to your city and attack you and leave before you have had a chance to do anything. Can’t afford to constantly bubble up. Also agree nobody wants to wait 7 days for something to get built. Game gets really tedious after first couple of weeks. It’s a shame because it has so much potential.

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