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Thread: Cant login to old account

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    Cant login to old account

    Hello i lost my phone snd when i re ppl laced it went onnthe the app and tried to recover old account i couldnt. I have contacted your team and i did get replys asking for the information needed to recover my account it has now been days and havent heard anything back ! Is this normal . Svs is to tonight so i will lose all my troops . I thought it was. Eing sorted but have sent many messages and now no reply . Can someone help please. !

    Dabble👁 is my old account monarch name server 218. I have opened a new game in 218. Under monarch 45184647. I have a google login/link as was the old one . I dont know why you dont just have passwords and emails for the game be so much easier.
    Please help asap preferably today if possible before svs. Which is 8pm server time

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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. Have our customer support team replied to you? Which way have you used to contact our CS team? Facebook or the support function in-game? If they still have no reply, I will submit your information to them to have a check. Thank you.

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