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Thread: Racist Post in Server 18

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    Racist Post in Server 18

    I am from Server 18 and this is a very racist post by a member named Y.Brickman

    Posts of this type should never exist in evony. Racism should never appear in evony.

    The 2nd picture shows that the person is not regretful of what he has posted.

    I hope evoy can take action against this account and any related accounts to it.


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    The player id number is 11452880

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    Other accounts that might be related are
    B Brickman - 11503129
    W Brickman - 36457851

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    Game ID 11452880 : Main mastermind behind the fake brickman in server 18 !

    The current nick is YB

    If you want the brickman family to shut up, just get YB to keep quiet.

    I have found the irritating fake brickman mastermind in server 18 !

    Lately there is a group of irritating brickman family that have taken over the world chat in server 18. In server 18, there is previously a person named brick that is not popular due to his talking.

    The accounts that are involved currently are B, C , W and Y brickman. There might be more later.

    The real culprit Y brickman or YB (he is known by this now) is from BDK guild.

    His game ID is 11452880. The name can change but the game ID cannot.

    It is by chance that the real bad person YB behind this is found.

    Initially , this person talks about killing and shooting blacks.

    During the investigation, it was discovered that this person is the main person behind the brickman family.


    (1) Y brickman aka YB start with racist remarks and talking to other brickmans


    (2) Y brickman change his name to YB


    (3) YB start to try to distance himself from other brickmans


    (4) Y brickman aka YB has the highest power among the fake brickmans thus this could show that he is the main account.

    The above prove that YB is the main culprit of the irritating brickman accounts.

    If YB keep quiet, the silence in server 18 world chat could come.…

    PS: Mr James: please allow me to post this as the brickman family in server 18 has been very irritating and sometimes say things against the terms and conditions of evony. This thread would allow everyone to know who is the real culprit. Hope you understand. Thank you.
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    Dear, thank you for your feedback. We have submitted your feedback to our relevant department. And the ID: 11452880 has been muted for 3 days from the world chat. And we have sent a warning letter to him too.

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    Is a 3 day muted and a warning the only punishment given for a racist remark?

    Evony need to show that it gives weight to its own terms and conditions violations.

    My friend say this will happen but i initially trust evony to do the right thing.

    This is really very disappointing.
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    Now the offender has change his nick to "YB" now. The guild is still "BDK"

    He gives no apology to the black people. Anyone that wants to shoot any black people should be investigated in real life.

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    Dear, thank you for your feedback. We will submit your feedback to our relevant department again.

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    The person is still unrepentant.

    This shows that evony punishment is not good enough. Evony needs to strongly reject any form of racism.

    Attached is a screenshot of what he says to me
    PS: I am not trying to create trouble here. I am just trying to say that any form of racism should not be allowed. Please give me a chance to talk. Hope everyone will understand

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    Someone mail me that this person , YB, is actually impersonating another person called brick that is highly not popular in server 18.

    He is using several fake accounts to make brick look bad.
    I keep asking him this question but he refuse to answer. This should be the truth.

    And he is still not feeling regretful of what he has done.

    The sentence saying that even evony does not care about this matter shows that the punishment of 3 days mute are really not enough.

    Please see attached screenshots.

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    Dear liege,

    Thank you for your report. I will submit it to our relevant department again.

    Best regards.

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    The below screenshots show that YB aka Y brickman is trying to distance himself from B , W and C brickman. But it is shown earlier that they have been talking to each other like real brothers.

    The more he try to hide, the more obvious that he is the main person behind the real fake brick family that is trying to make the real brick looks bad.

    And besides he has the highest power of them all with 1.2 billion power


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    This proves that Y brickman and YB are the same person. Please see the game id. They are the same.

    Currently YB is trying to hide that he has nothing to do with the other brickmans


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    This is insulting. Although me not a black, but the words are bad and disrespectful. Should ban him.

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