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Thread: App crashes on start

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    App crashes on start

    I am using the cuurent iOS version on iPhone 8. Since about 1.5 hours, the app doesn't start anymore and immediately crashes back to home screen. Restarting the phone and reinstalling the app didn't work. Is there a server problem causing this issue? I am playing on server 233 with my Google account.

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    Same problem starting this morning

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    I have the same on iPhone's with IOS 13.5.1 and 13.3.1. Didn't check on iPad.

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    Exactly the same problem with me

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    App crashing at start on iphone 7

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    App crashing on iPhone X latest version of iOS installed. Worked fine at 0600 EST, but started crashing around 0645 EST when launching. Re-installed twice, rebooted phone 3 times, reset network setttings 3 times....seems like a bug in the app.

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    Same for me on iPhone 8plus and an iPhone XS

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    Have done the same as hollow grave

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    Same thing too me, i startet the Game and the crashed. I came not in the Game. Chuck7 server 224 pls help iPhone X Last Version

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    Have same problem on iPhone 11

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    Same here, both iPhone and iPad

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    Same on ipad game refusing to start up, UK area

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