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Thread: Email response time.

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    Email response time.

    Hello Support,

    I have a pending ticket (141866) and would like to know what the average response time from Support is? I responded to the last email eight hours ago.

    Can you please look into this?


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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. Normally our customer support will answer you in 24 hours. And I will ask them to make a check and respond asap.

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    Can you please check the status of this ticket?

    Thank you

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    Sorry for the late reply. Our CS team has made a check, they had responded to you on June 21st. Then you had not replied. Please kindly check your email again.

    Thank you

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    ok, ill mail them back but in the email they sent on June 21 to me, Job Sean said that the issue was forwarded to the developers and Job will respond back when Job hears back from the developer. I'll ask for a update there... if I get one.

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