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Thread: Account lost

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    Account lost

    I was unable to log in today for a short period. Once the game loaded my main account was gone. I can see it in the server but I have no access to it. I tried to submit a ticket but it requires you to choose your word and there are no options to choose from. I sent an email to admin but have not received a response. Please advise as to how I can regain access. I had the account linked but that no longer works either. My is is 27945599 and I use an iphone
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    Same here. The game would not get the update and it was stuck. I deleted and get a new one from Appstore.
    I am new, so I have no clue what server I was all I know is my City name: Hundog and my alliance owner Melhem.
    I spent a tons of money and I want my account back.

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    Top Games is doing nothing to rectify these issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hundog View Post
    Top Games is doing nothing to rectify these issues?
    All I have been told is they have passed on to the developers. Itís now been 36 hours.

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    Dear, do you still remember the account ID you lost?

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    Dear, have you tried to contact our customer support via Facebook private message or in-game support? Or please kindly provide me your lost ID and a new ID you create in the same server thank you.

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