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Thread: Stuck on mystery puzzle 17 even though keep is 22

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    Stuck on mystery puzzle 17 even though keep is 22

    My mystery puzzle is glitched and I donít feel like Iím getting the full gaming experience, spending money and it glitches me out. My keep is level 22 and my mystery puzzle keeps saying coming soon after 17. Itís not activating anything further and I would really like this issue fixed.
    My account name is: Rememerable

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    Dear, for this case, I suggest you try to contact our customer support via Facebook private message or in-game support. Thank you.

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    Oh my god... this is a known issue and you suggest trying to contact support!???

    The developers haven't finished making the puzzle levels past level 17. They haven't said when they're planning on releasing new levels but suggest waiting around like a chump on Facebook for updates. No change in the past 6 weeks.... this really doesn't appear to be a priority to get finished at all...

    Coming soon is what it says... but that could be next year for all we know!

    The game is unfinished until ALL puzzle levels are released IMO.

    Anyone getting drawn into playing this game for the puzzle levels they've been marketing lately should be aware of this. I'm disappointed if that's not clear from my tone.

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    Have exactly same issue. I was drawn in here by the puzzles too

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