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Thread: Lost account

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    Lost account

    Hello, few days ago I was playing the game with the name Hraklis at server 220 but I forgot to link either on Facebook or Gmail. When I tried to link my tablet stuck I download it in another tablet but I lost my last account and I started in a new server. Can you please help me to recover my old account?

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    Dear, could you remember your OLD account ID? Please provide both your old id and your new one. Thank you.

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    I lost my account...
    Luckily I have my Account ID, name and server number.
    25775981 is the ID, the account name is Zeus and the server number is 146.
    I made a new account for now, 35675092.
    If anyone can help me get my account back that would be great.

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    Dear, I have submitted your info to our relevant department. They had helped you to link your account. Please kindly login to have a check. Thank you.

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    James ? I have lost my crypto age account. Can you help ?

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    Hello everyone.
    I made a progress on my old device with account zEvilEye3 (ID:82753310, Server: 423). I wanted to sync, but overwrite data from another bad account from another server.
    Now, I cannot access zEvilEye3 account because wasn't linked before.
    Please help.
    Thank you in advance.

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    please help me to recover my account
    account ID number 53264069
    server 221
    level 22

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    how to Log in

    Can you help me how to log in using my account number in evony
    i do have account ID number name of keep and server
    account number: 53264069
    account name: Badwis jr.
    Server: 221
    alliance Empire of war (EOW)
    my new account is 53046976
    Please replace it the new one to my old account, i need it badly my bubble will be drop soon hope you can help me fast, thank you in advance
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    Здравствуйте, помогите восстановить аккаунт. Раньше играл:
    Ник: arxant7
    Сервер: 493
    id 81031748
    Сейчас не могу влезть пришлось создать новый:
    Ник: 83721560
    Помогите пожалуйста ...

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