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Thread: Deleted game

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    Deleted game

    Hi can some one help me to get my lost vity back, the app was delted of my phone and tried to access it through google play but it only gave me the optoon to down load a new game?

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    Dear, could you explain your problem more specifically? Do you mean you could not find our game in Google Play?

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    When i uploaded game from google play it started me level 1 and i can not access my previous game

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    The app deleted off my phone when it crashed then i tried to upload the game again on another device from google play and it started at the beginning and did not sink my older version of the game.

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    Hello..I think I lost my account on evony
    I accidentally logged out of it and registered another account on my there any way to get it back?

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    Gostaria de obter o código para deletar minha conta, pois quero abrir em outro servidor. Minha conta é lvl 13 .

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