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Thread: Lost account

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    Lost account

    I have lost access to my account from server 174 while trying to link it to my Facebook I have all the information the account and the credit card Iíve used for purchases.

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    Dear, could you tell us the account ID you lost and your new ID? Or you could contact our Customer Support team via in-game support or Facebook private message thank you.

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    James I have tried through all three forms of contact and sent the information via email and still have not heard back. I got one mail requesting a pay receipt and to make a new account on the server and to send the id of the new account along with one purchase receipt which I did and have not heard back. The id of the lost account is 28920948 and is for the new account that replaced it is 31606809 on server 174.

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    Dear, our tech team have made a check that your old account 28920948 has been linked to a Facebook account(Facebook ID: 1578390435505452). If this is your Facebook, you could login your old account by setting-account-switch account-facebook account. Thank you.

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