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    Game link account

    So I have an account. It was linked to both facebook and game center. I decided to make a new account - so I unlinked my main account from game center. I created a new account and linked it to game center - call this account B. I went back to my facebook linked account. But then I could not switch back to my game center linked account. So I created yet another new account. Then I was able to switch from this other new account, abandon it and switch back to account B. Eventually I went from account B back to my facebook linked account. Now once again, I can not get back to account B - the game center linked account . I am sure it is still there, but the game center link doesn't seem to be working. I am playing on an ipad mini.

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    Dear, i feel a little bit confuse. If you want to get your old account back, you can just provide us your old account ID and the new one. Thank you.

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