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Thread: New General Suggestion Marcus Aurelius

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    New General Suggestion Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius was one of the five 'good roman emperors'. During his reign, the Romans defeated the Parths, the Quad, and at last; the Sarmatians during the Marcomannic war.

    He is considered to be one of the five good emperors and for many still an ideal of 'the stoic sage'. His book the meditations is influential, and it's teachings are applied as ways to master the self and even used in CBT therapy by Donald Robertson; writer of 'How to think like a roman emperor'.

    In his book on the chapter: The inner citadel and war of many nations; the Romans under command of Marcus and his generals fall into an ambush. The Sarmatian horsemen thought they were going to win again; but they could not be more wrong.
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    Main ability:
    The most Truthful Emperor: Decreases deserter amount by % (due to stoic philosophy and an inspirational, char. Leader)

    Advanced Roman Tactics:
    Increases ground troops attack and defense by %

    Correct Rule: Decreases amount of troop upkeep(or food protected from troop exp.) by %

    Skilled Diplomat:

    Increases gold production in sub cities by %

    These are merely suggestions. I hope you read and do something with this information. Marcus is somewhat of a hero to a lot of people and a prime example of virtue.
    Feel free to add how much %

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