6 days ago , an alliance member lost access to his account on s62 because his login method ( fb ) suddenly stopped working.
Evony TKR still appears under 'active apps' in
facebook > Settings > Apps and Websites > Logged in with Facebook > Active
This suggests that the account wasn't unlinked from facebook but nevertheless fb login is returning nothing.

Through his conversation with Evony TKR Customer Support, it appears that his account is also linked with GameCenter and Amazon .He was advised that a linked account could not be recovered and he should contact support of GameCenter.The player, however, tried to login with GameCenter but got the same result as with facebook. He called the GameCenter but was unable to resolve the issue.

Original Keep details:
Name: Imcrazy
Server: 62+37 *
Keep level: 31
Monarch level : 32
Recent Purchase Receipt Available : Yes
Last account activity: >6 days ago
* The keep was originally created on server 42. With successive merges,, it moved to s37+42 and s62+37
* Only one player (the owner) has access to the account. The account has never been traded or shared.
New Monarch Account Details:
ID: 25268521
Name: abcdefghi1
Server: s62+37
Monarch Level: 4

Both keeps were created in the same country.

Help will be greatly appreciated!