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Thread: Link to Facebook error

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    Link to Facebook error

    I am trying to link my account to Facebook in order to transfer to another device. but when I try to call from error: Application unavailable . I was playing on iOS and now I'm using Android, I need help transferring progress.

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    Dear Liege
    Please post the screenshot here so that we can have a check. And please confirm that your account was not linked(facebook, Google) before and then try to link it to facebook book from your iOS device again. And then you should be able to retrieve it on your android device by using the Switch account feature.
    If it's not working for you unfortunately, you will have to unlink the Game Center, and Facebook account first. And then give us both new and old user id on the same server so that we could help.
    It is suggested that you post your user id here and we can check the link status for you before you make any unlink operations. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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