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Thread: Kicked Out during attack and locked out for 30 mins

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    Kicked Out during attack and locked out for 30 mins

    Monarch ID: 16382196

    I was attacking and was kicked out of the game. I was not able to log in for approximately 30 mins. I was subsequently attacked. I lost 3.5 million troops. 80k went to holy place as deserters and 1.5 million went to holy palace to be revived. I had 1.5 mil troops go to the hospital. This issue happened I have tried to get a response from cs via mail but it has been over two weeks with no resolution.

    I do not want gems, horns or stones.

    I would like the troops returned and the rss and speeds expended to revive and heal the troops.

    This is a connectivity and latency issue with the app not my game play. Multiple things happens that day aside from this lock out. 100 million in Food being withdrawn from the alliance warehouse disappeared and registered as 100k. Then was returned at a later date. A purchase of $99 pack did not register and the General token was not delivered, I am not sure that I ever received it any longer. I purchased multiple packs that day prior. I am not looking for compensation for these items but I am giving them as examples.

    I downloaded the new iOS, reinstalled the game and your game had and has latency and connectivity issues. I have screen shots of the attack I made with the time stamp which kicked me out, scout reports during my lock out, the attack which caused me to lose troops and the bubble confirmation once I was able to log back in.

    Evony has had horrible connectivity issues since the iOS 13 update. It will recognize actions taken and not give the appropriate results.

    I purchased multiple $100 packs but was not given all the compensation for buying including the gen token.

    My game would not connect via WiFi or cell data usage. The no wifi icon was not present and there was not dark magics message. I was in mid attack unbubbled and was not able to connect for over 30mins. Resulting in me taking a rally in which I lost , Wounded or killing 6mil troops. It is kind of ridiculous. 3.5 million troops are dead with out being able to revive which equates to 100 million power.

    I pulled rss from the alliance tile and received email that rss was given back but never received 100mil food.

    Theses issues have happened time and time again. Latency and connectivity causing me to expend saved resources or purchase more packs these include gems, souls stones, healing horns, speeds and rss.

    Please help. I am a loyal gamer... I have continued to coin even after the past issues with evony. You can see by my purchase record more that 3k isnít past 35 days. I continue to play and report issues In hope that you will be able to figure these things out and minimize the bad game play experience for all the players.

    I have attached the screen shots with times so you can reference.

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