In December of 2018 a map glitch/lag prevented me from recalling my attack march as i watched reinforcing troops enter a player i was attacking. The result was 500,000 dead troops.

I messaged support and provided a screenshot of the battle report.

Support offered me 50 million of each resource. I countered their offer and explained that after calculating the cost of resources alone would require purchasing over $40,000 of gems in order to purchase the resource chests.

Support kept telling me they would ask the developer every time i checked in. Then you changed support platforms and the ticket was lost. I spent months trying to reconnect with support only to have my tickets deleted with no response.

When you added the email option i emailed support and they offered 150 million of each resource which still in inadequate compensation so i counter offered. I was told they needed a screenshot of the battle report to discuss it further. The problem is that your system automatically deletes favorited reports so i no longer am able to get a screenshot. I only have a screen shot of the original support request showing i sent the report.

It's been too long, it's time you compensate me appropriately.