Please help me. I have opened many cs tickets which keep disappearing. Now cs keeps telling me to be patient but these game issues caused my troops to be annihilated. I lost over 1.8 m troops that cost over 16 billion rss to make. I have seen in posts here that players are told they waited too long to bring the issue to you, so I am trying again to get you to look into this.

I marched to a temple and the game did not show the camp in my marches. Since I did not show a camp, I was unable to pull the march. (This has also been an issue in battlefield buildings that our alliance has reported to cs). The camp on the temple was hit and almost every troop died instead of being injured. Also, my siege machines went to "revival" yet there was plenty of room in my trap building for my siege as there were none in there.
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Then, I was force ported to my server and I immediately bubbled when I arrived. There was an enemy keep beside me when I arrived in my server. However, my troops were home, there was not a march coming to me or leaving, I did not have a red attack screen and my city was not burning. In my reports however, I showed an attack that supposedly killed all my troops. I obviously was not in my server when I was attacked because my keep was fine. Again, the troops from the report were alive and well in my keep and my city showed no signs of attack. This hit was 18 seconds after the hit that force ported me. As everyone knows, it takes longer than 18 seconds for the city to arrive in the server. Not to mention it takes time to warrant me, port to me, and attack me. Yet, when my game refreshed all my troops were dead.
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CS asked me what compensation I wanted. I replied that I wanted my troops replaced and sent ss of the troops. Then the ticket disappeared. I opened another cs ticket and again they were aware that there were game issues and offered me 80 sol and 50m each rss for compensation. I declined the offer as it is really a slap in the face considering that the rss alone for these troops totals over 16 billion, not to mention the speeds, and the injured t13s. I took a massive loss of the troops and power that I worked so hard to build and it was caused by game issues. Here are the troops and rss cost...
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Then I spent every gem I had (366k) on sol to revive troops because my cs cases kept disappearing and I was about to lose all my troops. I STILL lost 1.8 m troops, most were t13s, because the revival time ended. After the revival time ended, CS raised the offer to 200 sol. I again declined because my troops should not have been killed in the first place and I had used twice that number of sol and still lost 1.8m troops.

There is another issue with the reviving.. when I ran out of gems and sol, revive showed that I had revived the next set of t13 troops 132 times already. That is impossible. I have not even revived that many times in the 2 plus years I have played, much less in the amount of time that i have had t13 troops. I do not understand how the game can suggest that I could have revived anything that many times.
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I play evony all day every day. I am the r5 of my alliance and I spend money very regularly on the game. To have my entire army decimated by game glitches is unacceptable. Please replace my troops. I love the game and do not want to quit but I can't lose all my troops to game issues. I could not access my temple camp to march it home, and those troops should have been injured instead of all killed. On the other attack, I was not even in my server at the time of the other attack, as can be seen by the fact that I was undamaged when I arrived, yet all my troops were killed.

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