Yesterday I contacted support about an issue with payment. A glitch occured as my purchase went through and I was forced to restart evony. After speaking with support, about an hour later I received the package purchased. Today when I tried to buy the 4.99 bonus package, It informed me that I did not have the money to purchase. I then goto my card balance information. The ledger shows the 4.99 and 9.99 purchase from yesterday and it also shows that i purchased the same 2 packages again today already. But this is inaccurate, I have received no packages and the option to buy is still the 4.99 package which is the first of 5 daily packages... My Google play account does not show these last 2 charges, but my bank statement with identical IDs than the day before show the 2 charges that I did not do today. I was planning on buying the first 2 packages 4.99 and the 9.99, I was charged for the packages yet I myself did not succeed in a purchase as of monday, may 13th. But the 15 dollars that would be available to make these purchases has already been taken from my account with the same signatures as the other purchases made to evony by me.

This being the last day of the bonus packages and my need to meet certain resource and gem goals by the end of today. I would appreciate assistance, either refund the 15 or grant me the first 2 bonus packages for today ($4.99 and $9.99) that my bank card has already purchased - How this occured is beyond me, but my guess would be a customer service employee that don't know how to operate a computer or maybe he needed the money.

Thank you, I am on server 118 - Devil|aehciM is city name. Alliance DPG