About 4 days ago I was logging into my friends account to check his bubble while he was at work and I entered the wrong email to go back to my account and it unlinked his. Since he was only linked through Facebook, when I swapped back to mine his account became unlinked and he couldn't gain access to it. His account should have never became unlinked through the switch account option. It was a glitch in either the game or Facebook. He's been on the run around with customer service since this happened, and they just informed him that they are unable to restore his account, even though he provided receipts and the email that the account was registered to. This is completely unacceptable. He has a 450 mil keep 35 that he's spent an excess of 10k dollars on sitting unbubbled in our hive because of this, and customer service is completely screwing him over. They even refused to bubble the account until this mess was straightened out. They do not care about their loyal customers, and I would suggest that no one spends any money on this game. Why should we spend money there when they will not even fix their own errors? Please do not fall victim to this. Thanks and I hope I have saved someone else the headache that he's going through now.