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hello james, had to redo thread previous wouldnt let me attach screenshots

so first few hrs server wars new buildings no issues. wether attacking or defending temples troops all wounded but siege. So was just like throne, farm tile, or troop tent. my last attack most of troops died besides siege almost a million t12 horses. this should have happened as temples are like throne or farm tile its not attacking a players castle where troops would die except for dead to wounded rate. I have talked to customer service and provided in ss their answer. I am not sure they understand was a temple not a castle attack! i have included ss of attack showing most troops died, and that was horses and siege that died. I also included previous report attack temple where just siege died all other troops wounded as expected. i had more reports deleted due to wasnt expecting issue. so again main issue is temple attack troops should be wounded and were several times before this fatal attack where most my t14 horses died. I also saw other reports from other server players like the one 1 posted all troops wounded but siege, have yet to see 1 report where they died as mine did as temple is like throne should be wounded! So i am looking for answers and help as this was a very costly glitch. My hospital was empty so thats not reason why died/
James if you could please help and look into this i appreciate you have always been helpful!

server 6
make cry
id 10722837