Since this roll out has happened I have not been able to clear my holy place. It has been recalling troops in double digit amounts. Before I realized that this was happening I engaged in pvp battles and lost troops that would have been converted to to deserters and souls. We make decisions based on features working correctly. I have tried to work with the CS in game. It has been two weeks since the roll out happened and they just responded today with 200 horns for this. It is unacceptable I play evony and gladly pay to do it. The troops count lose due to this faulty feature has cost me 150k t13 archers, 75k cavs and 90k t12 archers. These are the higher tier troops lost. That is more than 1.5 billion in wood rss. I should not have to stop playing every time a rollout happens because the features rolled out do not work and then wait 2 weeks for a response. Please help with this issue