Hello James, so I have been message cs in game and honestly problem seems to be getting lost. I was battling in temples for hours attack and defense reports. Really had no issue. If I attacked all troops wounded but siege which is normal like throne or farm tiles. My last attack hospital was empty, and not only siege died but about 1million t14 horses died as well. This pretty much ended my server wars and our server Hope's of winning it! But previous to this all attacks on temples only siege died as it should be like attacking throne or farm tiles it's not like attacking a players city. So customer support said developers said attack so only goes by wounded ratio. Yet this isn't right it's a temple not a players castle! This has cost me greatly and really should be rectified as I will include report of most dieting, and other report where all troops wounded but siege to compare and what cs said. I need your help to solve a glitch that should not have happened to begone with...

Server 6
Make 🖕 cry
I'd 10722837

Also with last update they said cost to revive would be reduced. But I noticed no changes. I was still increments of 20. Example for first 20 times cost 1 stone a time, next 20 times 2, ect. And the troop number per revive stayed same so saw 0 difference in cost to revive troops so thought I would bring up