On server 108, there is a major cheater that brought a bunch of k30-k32 accounts. He uses them all together at the same time as farms, rally people during svs, and take the throne so that nobody else can get it.

The accounts this person uses all have the same IP address.
The main account is T@ke_My_Wood , ID: 22702555, who got to k33 feeding off of his farms. He brought several accounts including a k32, ID: 22713367 orignally had a vietnamese IP address until about 2 weeks ago , which has the same IP address as T@ke_My_Wood. The other accounts that he brought is ID: 22721048 and ID: 22714723. The accounts had a different IP address a while ago, but now he controls all 4 of those accounts, which he logs into everyday using the same IP address to abuse the game and everyone trying to play it fairly. How is this fair?

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The terms of service 1.6c states that "You shall not have more than one Account at any given time"
1.6I states "You shall not rent,lease, sell, trade, gift, bequeath of otherwise transfer your Account or any virtual features associated with your Account to anyone at any time; and "
1.6j "You shall not access or use an Account that has been rented, leased, sold, traded, gifted, bequeathed, or otherwise transferred from the Account creator.

Can someone please ban this cheater before he ruins the game for the whole server making us all quit?