Hello, I wish to explain issues with the game Crypto Age. I will also provide images which help to assist, I ask only that the Developers do NOT refresh this games data again, I and many others have spent money again on this game only for it to be reset or (non officially launched).

So with that said, there are a great deal of features that are missing from the game or messed up somehow upon launch.

| Missing Subordinate cities, there is no in city sub and there are zero subordinate cities on the map. There are meant to be subs as in the game there are multiple items and dialogues that appear that explain sub cities and similar relations.

| No Generals. The tavern in the game is broken, itís missing multiple options such as Recruit and Wheel of fortune. Although there are multiple buttons in different areas that say recruit here... link you to the tavern, but only to find the tavern options missing.

| The black market is missing the market, this option is again supposed to be in the game as many dialogues and options direct us to the Ďmarketí thatís not there.

| Culture: The ability to change your culture is doable, but only upon creating the account. Other than this, the option is not shown anywhere else.

| General Gear and Monarch Gear: The entire Monarch Gear page on the Players Profile is missing, we do not have this. We are supposed to have this as itís clear in the players stats that Monarch Gear is a stat.

| The buyable bounty cave is unclickable. Itís just a non working feature.

| Event/ Promotional packs are unbuyable. The events are a big issue in the game, currently not working. No special bosses, no special rewards. Lucky cards also do not get dropped ever. There is no option to buy special packs either.

| Invite friends is a feature thatís also missing from the game, no sign of it anywhere. This feature was really good and I wish for it be in the game.

| The entire WON system, buyable WON tokens is broken and non working, again another money feature that is flawed and needs resolving.

| One of the most important issues currently... is Facebook Login integration not currently working. The only way a player can save their account is via Game Centre. Even the email login system is flawed. Please integrate Facebook logins.

| Undead invasion is broken. Currently if any alliance in the entire server opens their Undead... the entire world map is broken for every Crypto Age player. The world map is unusable, itís a consistent WiFi symbol, and this lasts 48 hours for everyone from when the player opens the Undead.

| Daily rewards, gems and speeds. I played Evony Kings Return for 2 years and can happily say that the rewards on Crypto Age are practically at a 0 on a scale out of 10 and needs to be improved.

| The fact the game IS available on the google play store to be downloaded, however, itís not playable or loadable and the excuse is that its not released on the play store. However itís on the play store and currently free to download. Please activate the servers on the google play store so we can play on Android devices.

So again, please to the moderators that read this from Crypto Age... You currently have 40 Active players on your app, and presumably only 15 to 20 have spent money. This can all be changed, bu you must integrate the above features, fix them if theyíre simply broken or add if not. And also to release the game fully on the play store so that your active users can quadruple. And fix your areas where purchases are usable, such as weekly promo events, the bounty cave and your WON system. The WON wallet isnít even accessible.

But please.... do NOT restart games, accounts, or players purchases. Simply push an update with the improvements and fixes so that we do not need to charge back and never return to the game. We just simply want you to update it. Thank you again for reading, please pass on to Crypto Age developers.

Crypto Age name: Kaution
Crypto Age ID: 97