Similar to my svs rally glitch Before the current update I started a 2 man rally on a player and and I was cautious enough to first look at player in rally while marching but he was not in the rally on the report and in turn I lost. I also believe the player that sent Reins was receding main city def buffs like I saw in boc

Screenshot of player in rally
Jim joined as you can see and these SSís were before launch and during march. Iím led to believe part of the issue is when more troops than a supported march are present it part of the cause/effect

Screenshots of battle report
You can see Jimís troops were not present and sub debuffs not included because I was in rally like previous svs rally issue

Total killed/loss
542,057/1327998 killed

164,130 T12 Ranged
28 batches 984M Wood 330M food Stone ea
48,033 T10 Ranged
8 batches 283M Wood 94M Food Stone ea
37,717 T12 Mounted
5 batches 232M Ore 75M wood 75M food ea
41,285 T10 Mounted
5.35 batches 103M Ore 34M Wood Food ea
57,723 T12 Siege
10 batches 364M Stone 118M Ore Wood ea
118,187 T10 Siege
20 batches 296M Stone 100M Ore Wood ea
Total Ore 553M
Total Food 533M
Total Wood 1.5B
Total Stone 1B

T12 Ranged- 48 hrs per x 28=1344 hrs
T10 Ranged -25 hrs per x 8=200 hrs
T12 Mounted -36 hrs per x 5=180 hrs
T10 Mounted-31 hrs per x 5=155 hrs
T12 Siege-47 hrs per x 10=470 hrs
T10 Siege- 25 hrs per x 20=500 hrs
Total hrs: 2,849

Screen Shots of troop cost per batch

Rest lower layers