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Thread: Rally glitch and lag

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    Rally glitch and lag

    Was in a rally with a,few other all8ance members...we launched it, saw re8nforcements being sent...i,recalled and,my game,used gems ..then the red,wifi flashed and i tried again...same thing them,hit landed amd we lost...never would attack,if,there were more troops,than i,was,sending ....look,into this for me please james we all need our troops,returned to us please

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    I have screen shots of some of the issue that kept happening and of the battle,report. In,game,cs offers 15m resources when i along lost 1.5m tier 12,troops and,3,others,lost similar.

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    What is frustrating is this happened before the update but as usual in,game cs wont help or listen, so i,have to ask you to,help ....James, thank you for always at least listening and contacting stanley when it is necessary

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    Dear Liege
    We are so sorry that we cannot help in this situation. Our developer checked the log but we don't see anything abnormal that we cannot give anything out. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    That cant be possible because it was the day before you did server maintenance to fix the lag. Please have Stanley look at,the lag and latenct, you will see at this exact time a spike.

    I have a customer support ticket admitting,this issue but,offering,very little which is,why i,brought it to you.

    I can get a refund through google because,they have already told me if the developer wont,help,they will,approve the,chargeback. They said give developer 3 business days to assist and then contact them,back with what was the result.

    I would rather work,with you guys and,keep playing than just refund and quit. So please help

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    Look at all the posts talking,about rally glitches...can you .fix this and reimburse us what we lost ...

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    I will take it that since no reply has been given you also approve of,and,agree with a chargeback.

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