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Thread: Evony Referral Rating Survey

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    Evony Referral Rating Survey

    Dear Lieges
    We are conducting a survey to see if our players would recommend Evony: The King's Return to their friends. Help answer a couple of simple questions and get 1000 gems. This survey ends at Dec 23rd Sunday GMT-0 13:00.

    Best Regards

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    I would absolutely refer someone! My husband and I have been playing for almost 1 1/2 years and really enjoy it. We like that there are always perks for playing such as log in gifts and that there is always events going on. The events and log in rewards have made it easy for us to grow without spending a lot of money. We also like the low cost of the packages. Thanks evony for making our gaming fun and low costing!!

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    dang yara you are fast. I recommend anyone to play it is addicting and fun. You also make great friends along the and burn stuff too.

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    Yes and no if you get the cheaters out of the game yes if not I recommend playing another game and save your money

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    I'm a Game of War refugee and I wouldn't recommend either to anyone. I pretty much left GOW for the same reasons. You get pulled in. Then the game gets more and more popular and the game makers start to see bigger dollar signs. This causes them to get more greedy. Everything that is introduced each update, which never has a description or directions on how to use or what to do, costs more and more. This then splits the players. One third quit, one third begin seriously contemplate quiting, and one third continue to spend to keep their investment going even if they want to quit. Maybe a handful continue to spend because they don't worry about money because they have unlimited disposable income. Next updates will start to increase until they have drained even the loyalist of players.
    Evony Customer Support is horrible. It's on oxymoron to even call it CS. That combined with the game lag and game glitches every update, with many never fixed, it's honestly a waste of time. (Screenshots are required before they will even consider your game issue. Their reasoning is so that the developers will have something to work with and has nothing to do with people mailing CS with bullshit issues or Evony not really giving a shit. So a picture is the only thing that developers can go by and not a detailed description of what the issue is? Thank God computer science text books only have pictures and photos. Maybe that's why CS is so bad. The developers don't know why they keep receiving so many screenshots because they can't read the attached message from the player and CS.) But if that is what you're looking for, to waste your time, then Evony is the right game for you. People are still selling Subs, Keeps, and RSS for real money all the time. I quit spending any money on packs over a year ago, but now with the last update requiring stamina for anything you do and the Keep level being elevated to a maximum of 35 from 30 my days are numbered. One positive is that the events are good and for the most part continue to get better each time. But being limited to participate in the events due to stamina being the limiting factor has destroyed any progress the events were making. I understand is a need to keep the heavey spenders interested in the game to keep the cash flow from stopping. Things like BOG and BOC help with that, but increasing maximum levels only isolates them and you lose the rest. Look for long term steady income rather than getting as much as you can and the game becoming obsolete because of it. It's the desire for competition driving them. Don't exploit that desire and create a competition to see who can spend more. Nobody wins. Not even Evony unless they develop another game that becomes popular and brings the same amount of cash. I don't see that happening since none of the developers can read. Anyone who doesn't have an unlimited amount of disposable income, which is the majority, loses interest and quits.
    Good luck if you have to stay away from the game for any amount of extended time. Even if you only are away for 4 days due to a funeral out of state, you are SOL if you don't have 50,000 gems to acquire a 7 day shield, lol. It's always dissappointing when something good and fun is diluted with too many added features and the greed for more money. Evony, it's been fun, but not real fun.

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    I'm not starting a gmail account and handing out my phone number to do this survey. I'll give my comments here.
    I was giving positive recommendations to my friends about this game, until the k35 update. One year between major updates is fine, and expected. Unlike other, similar games the game costs in time and resources for the updates is reasonable. However, as just 1 example, going from farm 29 to farm 30 gave a 3,800 increase in food production. Going from farm 30 to 32 only gave an increase of 2,500. It gets worse in fact, where the increase in levels 32-33-34 is only 1,600 each. Similar results are seen in march size, rally size, hospital beds, etc. Costs go up disproportionately to benefits recieved. I see enough of that in real life and have no use for it in game.
    I've stopped giving good reviews for the game and will halt growth after k30 unless this is fixed. Not holding my breathe.

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    Agree with most of the above. Seriously would not refer game to anyone. Until system create an eco system for pay player and none pay player to be able to fight. Example general can be bought only and some general be recruited after how days of playing. Weightage should be some how fair.
    Sad to admit without the pay player, all of the none pay player wouldn't be able to survive. Wouldn't able to fight in svs. Seriously, it is getting pretty boring after k30 and upgrade to k35 is really a joke.

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    I will NOT suggest this game to anyone anymore!!
    Evony does not care about their players as long as they get your money!!!
    Also the latest update stops you from playing game all out, the gathering limits are so stupid and will make your growth slow and will also stop you and your alliance from beeing teamplayer because of all stupid limits!
    Iím on server 57 and anyone can find me, name is EyeCandy🍬

    Also if there is no non spenders remember people will get bored and stop spending on the game! Itís sad to see this game getting more and more greedy!!
    Good game but itís ruined!!

    I will not spend on Evony more and I hope people thinking to start stay away as long as their stupid limits stoping you from growing is there!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by EyeCandy View Post


    Not mentioning how an alliance could help to cover the healing cost of guys who rallied high level bosses keeping the game entertaining for f2p players.
    Thanks for the limit you can take the cost of healing on your own if you reached the cap which just going to hold you back from rallies.
    Perfect logic Evony.
    Iím not going spend a single cent anymore.

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    I have been playing evony for 9 months now, been fighting like hell to keep from feeding the masses in game, evony is helping in this effort, you change phones, or have to reload to factory specs, you loose your account, you would think they would apply a signon to restore your account, maybe to simple, had to reload my phone yesterday, accounts gone again, by the time the dev's get around to restoring them, my 3 day bubbles will be gone on both servers, my cities will be hammered again due to evony, last time it took them 12 days to restore, my cities are high levels, allot of work and money wasted here, I am leaving the game, for good this time, my recommendation is to run from this game as fast as you can, do not waste your time and money here, do not rely on support, it's not there for you. Only for evony's benefit.
    Sincerely, Choruandus2018

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    Eu queria que adicionasse fila para construÁűes assim ajudaria muitos players novos e antigos no game

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    This game is fun for a short while. For long term it's lacking a lot of p2p trade, got way too much micro transactions.

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    The developer fail to commit as per event such number of events bosses is reduced a lot. Hope all players stop playing the since developer not sincere resolving but simply wasting player time. I am the edge of delate this game. If you see this do you agree with me.

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