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Thread: Let the lower players grind

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    Let the lower players grind

    If you truly want servers not to die and see lower players rise up to be apart of strong rallies they need the stamina gifts during events. Lowers can learn to build. Build their core first. But it takes thousands upon thousands of boss rallies for them to have the time buffs to be relevant. Help people get stamina without spending. The spenders have thousands of 100 stamina items. Make it easier for lower levels to gain. In end you will create bigger non spenders to take down a spender in defense. Never Nerf a non spender from building. They build a server, not spenders.
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    This will never happen, because the devs only care about $

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    Pointless they will never listen , Credit card warriors and cheaters is all what evony supports

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    And now with the upcoming k35 limits, there will be no more (effective) "small players".

    Instead of throwing evony a lifeline, the devs just threw it an anchor.

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