My account has been suspended without any reason . The developers keep saying that I have done something illegal but I am sure that I have done nothing wrong. The most I did is to transfer some resources to my husband.

I have spent one year plus on the game , spending lots of time on it even waking up at 2-3 am at night to get resources. I also spent lots of money on it.

I just receive a mail from the game developers that it is their right to suspend me cos they are the game developers. So please take note ! They can just suspend your account as long as they are happy with it !

Do not suspend accounts without reason !

To all new and existing players : Remember not to spent any money on the game as the developers can just suspend your account without reason especially if you just transfer some resources. My account that I play for one year was just suspended cos I transfer some resources to my friend's account. I have spent money and effort on it and the developers refuse to investigate again , insisting that my account uses some third party software. I did not !