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Thread: Evony End of Year Version Coming!

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    Evony End of Year Version Coming!

    Evony End of Year Version Coming!

    BIG NEWS! The Evony Version 3.5 will be released on December 13th after the server maintenance from GMT 7 AM to 10 AM! This version contains a series of new features, including Duty System, Royal Thief Event, Skill Book Level 4, sale package upgrades and many more! In addition to those, we will also introduce the Level 35 Cap! Inform you allies that your unparalleled army will make enemies shiver!

    Level 35 Cap:

    • Along with the introduction of Level 35 Cap, players can upgrade their Building Level, Monarch Level and General Level to 35.

    Honorary Rank:

    • We have a new VIP benefit, the Honorary Rank that provides equivalent buffs as the regular Rank does. (This includes the Subordinate City Slot Capacity!)

    Duty System:

    • A General now can be appointed in a building and provide buffs for it based on the General’s attributes.

    Royal Thief Event:

    • Players have a chance to trigger the Royal Thief Event by completing the Activity tasks. There will be three Royal Thieves on the world map once the event is triggered. Invite your Alliance members to kill them and get awesome rewards. This event is triggered only once per day.

    Historic General Hall:

    • General Hall: In the Art Hall, we have introduced a new General Hall. Players can get rewards by completing the collection of their Historic Generals. The rewards include Epic Historic General Token!
    • The new Art Treasure can boost troops’ attack, defense and HP!

    Arch of Triumph:

    • Located in front of the City of Throne, the Arch of Triumph witnesses monarchs’ magnificent achievements in Server War, Battlefield and Wonder.

    Achaemenidae Equipment:

    • Brand new Achaemenidae Equipment is here! Blessed by the Achaemenid Dynasty in Ancient Persia, the Equipment is well balanced in attributes and excels in reducing enemies’ buff value.

    Level 4 Skill Book:

    • First of all, we strengthened the special skill of most Historic Generals.
    • Moreover, a General now can learn Level 4 Skill Books to get more attributes. A Skill Book can now be disassembled into Skill Book Pages, which can be used to compose the Level 4 Skill Books.

    Siege Machine Repairing:

    • Siege Machines now can be repaired! Damage Siege Machines from the battles can be repaired in the Trap Factory.

    Subordinate City Technology:

    • Introduced a new Subordinate City Technology Branch in the Academy to increase your Subordinate City’s power.
    • Moreover, we have added new technologies to the Medical and Alliance branches.

    Offering Improvements:

    • Introduced the King’s Protection buff in the Offering to boost troops’ attack. Offer a certain amount of times to activate the buff.

    Avatar Frame:

    • Players now can change their Avatar Frame by meeting the requirements.

    Sale Package Upgrades:

    • We significantly increased the value of the sale packages and the limited promotion. You will get much more rewards from package purchases.

    New Troop Tiers:

    • The super tier 13 and tier 14 troops have come with their high attributes and cool appearance. The tier 14 troops cost not only resources, but also Gold to train.
    • We also reduced the resource cost of upgrading troops but slightly increased the time cost.

    Hydra Challenge:

    • Players can get a Hydra Chest from challenging Hydra, as well as extra rewards from the Alliance Ranking in Hydra Event.

    Alliance Building Level:

    • The Alliance Buildings can now be upgraded to level 3. The Alliance Warehouse and Alliance Resource Spots have higher capacity.

    New Monarch Talents:

    • Introduced the level 35 Monarch Talents that include In City Troop HP, Troop Death into Survival, Damaged Siege Machine Capacity and Subordinate City Troop HP Boost.

    New Boss Monsters:

    • We have two new Boss Monsters, the Behemoth and the Phoenix, who will be a new challenge to boss hunters.

    Important Changes:

    • The reduction debuff now can only reduce enemy’s buff by half or less. For example, if the enemy’s troop attack buff is +200%, your reduction debuff can only reduce it to +100% no matter how many stacks you have.
    • Increased the revival power of Source of Life, which means you can revive more troops in Server War with the same amount of Source of Life items.
    • Added a reward for single round Battlefield ranking. A player can receive a reward if he ranks top 100 in a single round of Battlefield.
    • The Art Treasure Fafnir now can increase the troops’ training capacity.
    • Added Level 13 and Level 14 Resource Spots that have more resources and faster gathering speed on the world map.
    • The beginner protection expires when Keep Level is 11, instead of 6. What’s more, we intensified the resource protection before level 10 so that small players will not be plundered very much.
    • Added recommendation quests for level 31 to 35.
    • Significantly increased the Patrol rewards.
    • Added Dragon Crystals to the Wheel of Fortune.
    • Increased the World Boss’s defense and the rewards from it.
    • Increased the Undead Invasion’s level to 35 and the rewards from it.
    • Increased the Monarch Competition’s level to 35 and the rewards from it.
    • Added the Growth Packages from level 31 to level 35.
    • Art Improvements.

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