James, the issue is I used truce agreements while I was being scouted and attacked and they did not fully register. The truce agreement time showed on my buff screen, but did not stop attacks or scouts. The bubble could not be seen when looking at my keep. I logged out and back in. Still showed on my buff screen I was under a truce agreement. I tried multiple truce agreements during this time. One time I used gems to purchase a 3 day. The gems were used but it did not register. During this time, not one of the truce agreements attempts fully registered. You can check my AC chat during this time, as I posted SS there too. During this time I attempted to attack another player, it asked if I wanted to attack and to verify if I wanted to lose my truce agreement. I clicked confirm and it did not register, or allow me to click confirm. I attempted to port to the other server, once again it asked for my confirmation, but did not register or allow me to confirm.

The screen shots I posted, with corresponding date stamps, showing I was under a truce agreement when I was attacked, scouted and eventually rallied. This was obviously a glitch of some sort as I was unable to bubble regardless of how many times I tried. The game would not complete the process. Once again, the buff screen showed a truce agreement, when trying to attack or port to the other server, it acted as if I was under a truce agreement. To other players I was unbubbled.

I had to uninstall and reinstall the game to get the truce to completely register. While I uninstalled and reinstalled I was rallied.

As I mentioned before, I sent messages to customer support during the attacks and scouts. I did not have the ability to truce. Please rectify the situation by returning the gems I used to revive, return the troops I did not have the gems to revive, the hours of speeds to heal troops and the rss used to heal. This was a game malfunction or glitch in the programming and not player error, lag or bad connection.