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Thread: Fake Population?

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    Fake Population?

    James, we are noticing a large number of new m1 accounts in our server -- s80. They began appearing near the start of Thanksgiving Event and continue to populate our server. All m1, all untagged -- by the HUNDREDS.

    Monarch IDs range from 2391**** up to 2397****, and possibly higher. I haven't tracked all of them, but a look at the outer edges of our map will find many.

    We are concerned that this may be some sort of effort to manipulate our server population to skew our merger opportunities.

    Does it have any impact?
    Is there anything to be done about it?
    Can the developer remove these undeveloped ghosts?

    Please PM me to start a thread where I can attach screenshots to you privately.

    Thank you for prompt attention to this James.

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    Dear Liege
    We will see if they were created by bots. We estimate server population by MAU and DAU. So the one off accounts have little impact on making merging decision.

    Best Regards

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